Photo Restoration
A while ago my mother had shown me the photo that she had restored by a “professional”. When I looked at the original photo and the staining that was on it and looked at the “restored” photo I was astounded that someone would have charged $70 for the end product. While there was staining on the face, the restored photo looked like it had been drawn by an 8 year old. Actually I think an 8 year old could have done better. I took the photo home, scanned it and fixed it. You can see the result in my Restoration page.

I have been using Photoshop on some level since the early 1990s. I’ve done some fun changes to photos. Replacing a hockey players jersey from one team to another. Adding people from one photo to a group photo because they were unable to be present at the time. After the experience with my parents photo, I have decided to offer my services in this area. Often you are limited by the original photo. If the original quality is very poor, while I can enhance the image somewhat it will still be a lower quality result. However, it will be better. If a customer is not happy with the result, then it’s simple. They do not pay.

With Photoshop there is so much to learn. I am constantly trying to get better with my techniques. I’ve recently been playing around with colourizing photos. It’s so much fun to bring old photos to life! I love history and restoring a little piece of it.