About Me

I’ve decided to create a business for the purpose of creating videos. This is something I’ve been doing for years. I have various tools such as a GoPro, Video camera and a couple of drones: DJI Phantom 3 Professional a Mavic Pro. I have worked hard to comply with the existing regulations. As the rules change, I have changed. I am licensed by Transport Canada. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Please review some of the videos I have shared on this page. Thanks

About Osprey Cove Productions

The world we live in has changed so much over the century. In the last 20 years the changes have been accelerating. One of those advancements in technology is regarding unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones as they are more commonly known. Drones have existed in some form for over a hundred years. However, in the last 10-15 years the term “drone” has been used to describe a variety of flying objects, ranging from missile carrying war machines to recreational toys.

One type of UAV that has become very popular is the quadcopter. Coupled with modern electronics, these UAVs have become less expensive, more reliable, stable, and relatively easy to fly; and many, contain remote controlled high definition cameras. With this technology, there are new business opportunities.

It has now become relatively easy to create HD aerial videos. While these videos can be used for many purposes, this business will start by concentrating on the following areas: real estate, agriculture surveying, construction inspection, and marketing/tourism. In addition to aerial videos, Osprey Cove Productions has the capability of creating more traditional videos. This latter aspect of the business will focus on sports. Other areas of opportunity will be explored.